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How to Replace Your 9-5 Salary by Generating Leads for Local Businesses

January 20, 2022 Bill Soroka Episode 50
The SideHustle Lounge
How to Replace Your 9-5 Salary by Generating Leads for Local Businesses
Show Notes

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Episode 50: Generate passive income by passively generating leads for other businesses.

Luke started a side hustle and subsequently killed his job by using SEO to generate leads for local businesses (a process called "Rank & Rent").  In October of 2020, he started a coaching program teaching people how to do the same thing, and he'd love to share how ANYONE feeling stuck in the 9-5 can earn a residual income or kill their full-time job without a degree or any crazy technical skills.

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Episode Description:
Wait until you hear about "rank & rent" websites from Luke Van Der Veer. Luke was fresh out of college and working in HR when he realized the standard 9-5 just wasn't going to work for him. He found a way to rent out digital real estate AND help support small businesses, and created an empire in the process.

Episode Highlights:
21:25   I can't just sit around so that the whole you know, hang out on the beach for years is, is not something that I'm capable of doing. I immediately start feeling like I should be doing something and I go right back to work because I enjoy this now. You can certainly do whatever you want with your time.

23:14   I do believe not having all your eggs in one basket. And even though I don't believe Google is going anywhere anytime soon because they just keep eating up more and more market share, I think it is smart to have other means of income as well.

25:33   Like you're gonna come across roadblocks. That's inevitable. So you just have to have the mindset that when it happens, because it will, you just have to move past it. Ask the questions for support, raise your hand when you're stuck, don't just suffer in silence.

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