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How To Be Authentic and Why It Matters

January 13, 2022 Episode 49
The SideHustle Lounge
How To Be Authentic and Why It Matters
Show Notes

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Episode 49: Letting your personality differentiate you in a sea of sameness

Ready to increase your visibility and fill your pipeline with sizzling hot qualified leads?  Or maybe you're looking to book your calendar with speaking engagements or simply want to become known as a leader in your industry.

Either way Mary’s the ultimate connector and she’ll share all her top secrets with you on how she went from unknown to fully booked!

Mary has a ton of experience in the corporate arena working in the financial industry, specifically banking. This has given her a glimpse as to where sales professionals struggle when it comes to social selling and online prospecting. Mary has worked with Financial Professionals, Bank Managers, IT professionals and Coaches to help them stand out in the sea of sameness and fill their calendars with appointments.

Client successes include landing a client one day after working with her to being offered a job 3 days after getting laid off. Her clients typically see a 35-65% increase in profile views and engagements which lead to conversations that convert. She has a passion to help others increase their visibility but, more importantly, learn how to CONNECT, CULTIVATE and CONVERT.

She is the CEO of Mary Fain Brandt Consulting, Founder of The Linkedin Bakery and an International Linkedin Trainer, Speaker & Strategist.  She teaches entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and sales teams how to fill their pipeline by using Linkedin for just one hour a day.   

She describes her brand as Fun and Informative. She’s a get-to-the-point, get-it-done type of gal with a passion for color coding, colored pens and homemade Cold Brew with Vanilla Almond Milk. 

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Blog Description:
"Be authentic," they say. But the heck does that even mean? Online brand expert, Mary Fain Brandt, joins me this week for an energetic conversation about letting your personality differentiate you in a sea of sameness. Plus, tips on how to save ten grand in your first year of business.

Episode Highlights:
10:46   I call it the becoming process. We trip, we fall, and we get back up again, and learn something new that helps us become who we need to become for whatever's coming next.

23:36   You must have a personal brand in 2021 to stand out in the sea of sameness and shine online.

1:02:50   You can't automate online relationships. You're you're gonna connect with the right people when you are authentically positioning yourself in your messaging. If you're not a corporate square in the box, then why would your messaging sound like that?

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