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Bonus Episode: Pitfalls in Business by the Enneagram Numbers - THE FOUR

December 27, 2021 Bill Soroka Episode 40
The SideHustle Lounge
Bonus Episode: Pitfalls in Business by the Enneagram Numbers - THE FOUR
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Episode 40: This week Linda Frazee unpacks the Type Four of the Enneagram, often called THE INDIVIDUALIST

Linda Frazee has over 40 years of experience as a professional speaker, business consultant and executive coach. She is the author, "Full Heart Satisfied Belly," and is founder of Positive Imagery, Inc., a personal and professional development company located in Scottsdale, AZ. Her professional training is in Transpersonal Psychology and Imagery.

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Type Four on the Enneagram can often be pining for the greener grass on the other side. If they're not careful, they can slip into melancholy and drama. When they're strong and healthy, fours can be creative, thoughtful, and deeply in touch with emotions they can be a strong support system for their network.

22:58   Fours: They always float up to the top. But they have to kind of ruminate down there - but they're okay.

34:21   If you think of some of the famous singers through the years who told their stories authentically, that was probably brought there by fours.

41:57   So the speaking style for the four can be dramatic, either a quiet, well modulated voice, or an intense often urgent cadence. That's part of marching to the tune of a different drummer.

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