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Bonus Episode: Pitfalls in Business by the Enneagram Numbers - THE TWO

December 26, 2021 Bill Soroka Episode 39
The SideHustle Lounge
Bonus Episode: Pitfalls in Business by the Enneagram Numbers - THE TWO
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Episode 39: This week Linda Frazee unpacks the Type Two of the Enneagram, often called THE HELPER

Linda Frazee has over 40 years of experience as a professional speaker, business consultant and executive coach. She is the author, "Full Heart Satisfied Belly," and is founder of Positive Imagery, Inc., a personal and professional development company located in Scottsdale, AZ. Her professional training is in Transpersonal Psychology and Imagery.

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Blog Description:
This episode further explores the "Heart Center" of the enneagram with the #2. Guest Linda Frazee shares her more than 40 years experience working with and teaching the enneagram in life and business coaching. Come meet, "The Helper!" Learn how giving without boundaries can lead to resentment and exhaustion.

12:43   It's like there's a lens over our eyes. And we assume that that's the way the world is because that's our perception. But it's just our perception.

14:16   TWOs attention goes to scanning for opportunities to be of service and ways to flatter others focused on other's perceived needs and how to meet them.

24:40   TWOs are probably the most prone to codependency. A female TWO, is a kind of double jeopardy for codependency. But codependency is something that can be cured and fixed. So it's not a permanent situation just in case those of you listening don't know what codependency is. It means that you care more about other people's needs in your own. So that sounds just like the two setups.

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