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Serviced Office Space and the Road to Success

December 16, 2021 Episode 36
The SideHustle Lounge
Serviced Office Space and the Road to Success
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Episode 36: Life experiences of an educator, entrepreneur, author, and Serviced Office Space Owner.

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LaTaunya Howard has made her mark in Serviced Office Space (Sometimes called Co-working space). She runs a successful facility of her own, and has published two best selling books on the subject. Hear her tips for training her mind for success and teaching others how to find their niche.

16:33   From a footprint perspective, I'm not as large as some people. So there hasn't been as much of a need to have multiple staff. I’ve been basically running everything myself. That was intentional because I wanted to understand the weeds first, so that I knew how to effectively delegate it and monitor it when other people got involved.

21:44   This entrepreneurial journey is really a mental game. It is a game of mental stamina and that shows up in a lot of different ways, whether it's determining I have to hire someone or it's determining I have to pivot because of a pandemic or whatever the case may be, or it is time for me to bring on some partners or it's time for me to let go of some partners. You're constantly making decisions you're constantly course correcting and you really have to have the head space and the mindset to be able to thrive in that type of environment.

23:03   Being able to detach from things - that's something that I am getting better at because I was once of the mindset. If A, B, and C are what I need to do to experience D and I do A, B, and C then D ought to be guaranteed. Right? Well, that's not always the case. So what I have learned to do is that I'm gonna do my part. I'm gonna do A, B, and C, but after that, I'm just gonna have to detach from the outcome. And I just have to continue doing my best and be open to the possibility that D may not be what the universe has for me. Maybe it's D, E, and F or something else. You just really have to give yourself the space to allow things to unfold in what ultimately is best for you. Maybe not in your timing, maybe not the way you want it to happen or how it will look, but ultimately what is divine and best for you.

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