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Build a Subscription Business Scanning People's Mail

December 09, 2021 Episode 35
The SideHustle Lounge
Build a Subscription Business Scanning People's Mail
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Episode 35: Build a Subscription Business Scanning People's Mail

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Many people across the country prefer to have their US Mail scanned, opened, and serviced, by a third party operator. Guest, Helmy El-Mangoury, shares about the operator opportunity, as well as his company, PostScan Mail, that offers a turn key solution with minimal upfront investment.

04:08   It's very simple, actually. To get qualified, all you have to do is go to the post office and you fill out a special form called the 1583 a form, and that will authorize you to become a commercial mail receiving agency or CMRA.

05:24   Anyone can do this. As long as you've got the address and you've got the CMRA approval from the post office, you can do it. And of course, there's certain equipment that's required.

10:32   We will do all the marketing for you. We'll list you on the Post Scan Mail website and we'll get the customers to sign up online for your mailing address.

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