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Choosing Transformative Vs. Transactional Client Relationships

November 04, 2021 Bill Soroka Episode 30
The SideHustle Lounge
Choosing Transformative Vs. Transactional Client Relationships
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Episode 30: It's all about relationships. Building great relationships helps you build a great business.

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Cultivating client relationships is a lot easier when you believe in your product or service AND if you believe you deserve a seat at the table. Jennifer Neitzel and I share some insight and strategy into what it takes to build relationships, move toward your dream, and take-on he/she that shall not be named (but I will name it anyway): cold-calling.

13:32   Part of the reason I love being a mobile notary and loan signing agent is because I have been able to categorize this as NOT being in sales. But that is a complete lie. It is. And if anybody is listening to this and says, oh, I'm not in sales, that is inaccurate. Every single one of us is in sales. We are always selling something. It sometimes might be our personality. It might be our services. It might be the fact that we are the good employee and we're worth keeping on.
32:13   As you get older, we focus our businesses on building relationships. But that also includes building a relationship with yourself, having a little confidence in yourself, getting past your fear of rejection.

34:38   I can control my attitude. I can control the effort I put into something, and I can control the integrity with which I do that. All of those things I can control in my day. And when I control these, my inner critic is a little more silent.

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