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Rethinking Rideshare: Deliver Construction Supplies, NOT People or Food

October 21, 2021 Bill Soroka Episode 28
The SideHustle Lounge
Rethinking Rideshare: Deliver Construction Supplies, NOT People or Food
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Episode 28: An alternative to Uber or Lyft - be a driver without a "passenger!"

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For most people, their vehicle is considered a "liability." But you can turn that liability into an asset when you deliver the perfect passenger for Curri: Construction & Industrial Supplies. ALL types of vehicles are welcome and needed on the Curri platform. Remember, "supplies" come in all shapes and sizes! No people, no food. Plus, Curri boasts higher pay than Uber, Lyft, and Amazon. Listen to CEO, Matt Lafferty, talk about the opportunity at Curri.

6:48   Well, I mean, we're, we're essentially augmenting and replacing fleets that distributors and wholesalers have previously had to rely on. And that's the big thing there. They're realizing there's all these cogs that they've had to deal with that don't perfectly match demand all the time. And so having an elastic fleet through Curri allows them to perfectly match their demand with supply when they use it. That's a huge benefit to them and the entire industry.
12:12   Build what people want, what people need. And so we didn't build anything until the customer had identified it and said that they would use it. So that - rather than like, Hey, we have this great idea. Let's just launch it and build it.
11:04   Sometimes you just need to listen to the customer and be flexible enough to not completely pivot, but adjust. Sometimes you do have to completely pivot. And so that was just our whole mindset through this whole thing. And now we're solving one of the biggest inefficiencies in the US and in the world.

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