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Making Better Decisions Using Human Design

October 14, 2021 Bill Soroka Episode 27
The SideHustle Lounge
Making Better Decisions Using Human Design
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Episode 27: Make the work you do all day easy and fun with unlimited energy to do it!

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Have you ever felt caged? Like you're just going through the motions in life? It might be because you are out of alignment with your strengths and overall purpose. Lise Cartwright joins us again for an introduction into the world of Human Design and how you can use it as a framework for making better life and business decisions. What if the work you did all day was easy and fun? And what if you had unlimited energy to do it?

14:28   For some of us, when you look at this through the lens of your business, it's very much about making sure that anything that you go to create, if that is going to impact other people, you are making sure that you are creating in ‘response’. Let's take your podcast, for example. If I was working with you, and you have this idea to do this podcast, I'd be like, right, can you show me where you saw some signs that this was right for you to do?
31:18    It's very much about showing up and just trusting that the universe will put people in front of you who are ready to hear what you have to say, who are really to hear your deeper wisdom.
49:01   If you've got to make a small decision, it's like a few pebbles falling into the lake and then the ripples spread out, and then it comes back to a relative calm. So that decision could be, what are we having for dinner? Like a small pebble. But let's say you're deciding to start a new business or you're moving countries, or you're changing jobs. That is going to feel like this massive boulder has just been dropped into your lake and the waves are just going to carry on for a while. And the boulder might hit the bottom. And so a whole bunch of debris will float up to the top. So what that means is, is that you will not make a decision until you're back to the calmness of your life as you've got just a few ripples and then you can really trust whatever decision you make.

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