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Leadership Upgrade: 10 Keys to Become the Leader YOUR World is Waiting For

September 16, 2021 Bill Soroka Episode 23
The SideHustle Lounge
Leadership Upgrade: 10 Keys to Become the Leader YOUR World is Waiting For
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Episode 23: Become the leader you, and others, want.

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What if YOU could be the leader you're craving and wishing for your community, household, company...or the world? Author Michael Rowell shares ten fundamental principles of leadership he's learned after 25 years in the business.

8:21   We are a work in progress. We're are always a work in progress. The power to ‘become’ is really one of the most powerful dynamics we can capture as people. We may not be good at something today, we may not have the capacity to function in a particular area today. But if we can capture the power to ‘become’, then we can grow into that tomorrow.
17:44   Some of the greatest leaders that I've seen in my community are the ones who serve others the best. And they are kind leaders, because they put themselves last and they serve everyone.
38:55   We can lead organizations and battleships and communities and countries, but ultimately, all we are ever leading is people. We've got to make prioritizing relationships a real key. If we're not relating to people our, our ability to influence and connect and engage and lead them drops dramatically.

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