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Unrestricted Fees as an Apostille

April 12, 2021 Bill Soroka Episode 4
The SideHustle Lounge
Unrestricted Fees as an Apostille
Show Notes

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Episode 4: Enhance your revenue making ability by becoming an expert with new skill sets.
Blog Description:
Wondering what the hell an Apostille is? You aren't alone and my guest, Judi Lawrence articulates it perfectly in today's episode. Plus, we'll explore what your role as an Apostille Agent is (And is not), how that works, and why people pay you to do it.
6:43   When opportunity knocks, you have to let it in!
15:58   Value is in the eye of the beholder!
22:26   I've been a 'boot strapper' for my entire life, but i have found it pays to invest in yourself and take advantage of opportunities to reduce the learning curve.

PS- Your journal is one of the most important components of your role as a Notary Public. When done properly, your journal serves as your memory, documenting relevant circumstances surrounding an appointment. This helps better protect you and your signers, and there are two new journals I recommend for your consideration.

In most states, including California, Jurat, Inc.’s new Notary eJournal is an exciting and more efficient way to journal. With a special add-on device, it even digitally captures fingerprints. I’ve negotiated an incredible deal for you if you’d like to try it out. Click here for details.

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