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Some of My Favorite Interview Moments from the last year (part 1)

March 04, 2022 Bill Soroka Episode 56
The SideHustle Lounge
Some of My Favorite Interview Moments from the last year (part 1)
Show Notes

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Episode 56: Part 1 of the SideHustle "Best of" series

Episode Description:
This week we are going to celebrate the last year with a "best of" episode. Let's take a look back at some of my favorite moments during my interviews with Dr. Erica Adkins, Michael Rowell, Laura Sapal, Linda Frazee, Chris Misterek, Tara Grieb, and Mary Fain Brandt. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:
5:05   We are in this process of becoming. Nobody comes 'ready made'. So if we can lean into the power of "becoming", we are better positioned to grow into the leader we want to be tomorrow.

14:30   You're already in a box already, whether you know it or not. What the Enneagram does is open doors and windows and give you access to find yourself. If you work it you'll be able to embrace the unfolding of your personality and less shame. To be the best version of yourself that you came here to be.

28:29   Being authentic is being your true self 24/7. If you're splitting your personality between two different types of people, one online and one in person, than you're not being authentic.

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