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Own the Future as a Mobile "Credentialed Professional"

February 24, 2022 Bill Soroka Episode 55
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Own the Future as a Mobile "Credentialed Professional"
Show Notes

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Episode 55: Getting out of your own way to become that person you really are capable of being.

Todd Ausherman is an Attorney and mortgage entrepreneur who has been in the loan origination business for 15 years,   and he built Notaroo to solve the communication and frustration issues associated with closing mortgage loans.

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Episode Description:
Your human expertise and connection brings value to the marketplace! If you provide mobile or convenience services, you won't want to miss this episode with Todd Ausherman, CEO of Notaroo. His company is on the cutting edge of optimizing the credentialed professional. Tune in to hear about the endless possibilities!

Episode Highlights:
15:34   If we're not learning new things, if we're not expanding our own abilities and our own vistas, and in terms of where we want to go, then, then we're not growing. And the very definition of not growing is dying.

20:19   Meditation and mindfulness and really incorporating that into a daily practice, I think it really has helped me flex my compassion muscle and my ability to see things from somebody else's perspective a lot faster than I used to is probably the biggest reward. And, and it's also shown me that often we're really wrong with our assumptions.

44:04   And the real power of that was keeping a promise to yourself. When you keep a promise to yourself, it changes your relationship with yourself. You start to like yourself and trust yourself again, and then you can take on bigger and bigger things.

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