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Trailers & Dirt: Hidden Cash Flow in Real Estate Niches

February 10, 2022 Bill Soroka Episode 53
The SideHustle Lounge
Trailers & Dirt: Hidden Cash Flow in Real Estate Niches
Show Notes

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Episode 53: New possibilities in the real estate market.

Adrian Smude has been investing in real estate since he became an accidental landlord in 2002.  Adrian attempted to invest again, but his second home ended as a short sale. After 11 years of being a hobby landlord, he discovered his passion for real estate through REIA meetings. Adrian switched his investing niche to Mobile Homes with Land and has been following this path ever since. He is a part of 3 masterminds, including a high level mastermind which he hosts. In addition, he helps facilitate his local REIA, and teaches about his success and failures.

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Episode Description:
Looking for cash flow? Check out this niche within a niche in the real estate investment realm with , Adrian Smude. Plus, Adrian shares how credentialed professionals, such as mobile notaries, can be valuable bird dogs for investors like him.

Episode Highlights:
7:17   We have stuck to this middle area that seems to be this like forgotten, hidden class within the mobile homes. The single unit with the dirt. So it is a real estate transaction, buying the home and land together.

14:31   It's still going to have cash flow. Not as much as the older ones, but it's my lotto ticket. I go to it because it's in the path of progress and I'm hoping a developer one day is gonna offer me multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars for just the land and build a three quarter million dollar house. But if they don't, I have cash flow!

36:43   Take action and ask for help. Seasoned investors wanna help people that are actually taking action and not just talking about it, and talking about it, and talking about it. Take some action! And then next time you go back and talk to a whoever you're asking advice from say, ‘Hey, I did this and this and this, but I'm lost here’. And I believe you get a lot more help that way.

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