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Ditching Success?

February 03, 2022 Bill Soroka Episode 52
The SideHustle Lounge
Ditching Success?
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Episode 52: Batoul Ajlouni discusses her ongoing journey from workaholic to...what comes next.

Batoul Ajlouni is the author of the career memoir "Ditching Success?: A Career Ventured; A life Regained". In her previous life, Ajlouni was an architect, entrepreneur, and business executive with thirty years of experience in fifteen of the world’s toughest markets. She co-founded her company at twenty-four, before serving as VP for Business Development at a leading IT firm, helping it grow into a multinational corporation. As a prominent businesswoman, Ajlouni engages in activities and public speaking events on design, business, technology, and women & youth empowerment. She's also an active board member at Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Batoul works from her home in Amman, Jordan where she lives with her husband and a fuzzy little creature who's anything but a cat.

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Episode Description:
What does it mean to "ditch success?" Author and entrepreneur, Batoul Ajlouni, joins Bill on this week's episode to discuss her ongoing journey from workaholic to...what comes next.

Episode Highlights:
06:59 actually took me five years to be able to make the move and leave, ditch my career.

23:16   So I was just sitting there in front of the fire just the whole night. I was so in the moment I could not hear anything. It was just me and that fire. And the feeling I had was unbelievable. And this to me was the, the moment that I figured out what it really means to be present.

32:35   The path to self discovery can sometimes be triggered by the most difficult choices we have to make.

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